Job Profile – Office Administrator

We recently spoke to Rachael from our Admin Team to find out more about a day in the life of an Office Administrator at Choose Occupational Health.

Name: Rachael Robinson.

Job title: Office Administrator.

Where are you from? Carlisle.

Where do you work? Choose Occupational Health.

How long have you done this job? Just over two years.

Take us through a typical day:
I’m based in the office and support the team with all the administration tasks that need to be completed on a day to day basis – all the things that help keep the business up and running. I have regular contact with all the different members of the team so it’s a great way to get to know everyone and really helpful in understanding everyone’s roles and how it all fits together. When I arrive in the morning, the first thing I do is sort the post and distribute it to all the different members of the team. I’ll deal with any urgent enquiries and type up, file and pass on any counselling referrals and feedback comments. I might also be required to issue fitness certificates that have been requested from clients and approved by members of our team. Throughout the day, I am responsible for answering the telephones and welcoming people in to the building. It’s a really busy office environment with lots of visitors coming in and out of the building so I always have to be two steps ahead of the diary! There’s always lots going on and plenty of opportunities to support colleagues with projects, so my day is never dull. At the end of each day I frank all the post and take it all to the post office.

What do you like most about the job? I really enjoy meeting people and working alongside our clients. I like being able to find out what they need and look for ways to solve problems. It’s great to be able to help them and find solutions that meet their requirements. I’m quite an organised person too so I enjoy working within clear systems and administrational procedures. Oh, and I love laminating! I’ve been given the nickname ‘Laminating Queen!’

What do you like least? There’s an awful lot of paperwork involved in Occupational Health and so everything needs to be stored digitally and securely. Sometimes scanning can get very repetitive!

Why did you want to do this job? A new challenge. Something very different to what I have done before.

What jobs have you done previously? Sales Assistant in retail.

What qualifications or experience do you need? If you join as an apprentice, you need the minimum amount of qualifications to become an apprentice. If you join once qualified, you need a Level 2 Business Admin Qualification.

What is a typical salary for this job? Competitive. There’s plenty of training opportunities and the chance to progress within the business.

Any advice for people wanting to get into your profession? Be confident in yourself. Be organised and always be enthusiastic.

What do you like doing in your spare time? Spending time with family and friends, walking the dogs.

Describe yourself in 3 words? Optimistic, Bubbly, Caring.

Favourite happy place in Cumbria? Walking in the countryside – with my dogs!

Where in the world would you most like to visit? It’s tough to narrow it down as I’d like to go everywhere! But maybe Australia first to swim with sharks.

Who do you admire most? My parents.

What makes you happy? Puppies, family, friends – and sausage rolls!