The most wonderful time of the year? Top tips to stay calm and collected.

Recover the zen with our health & well-being advent calendar.

Christmas can be a stressful time. Diaries are packed. There’s the pressure of ‘feeling festive’ whether you are at work, rest or play. And for some, it can be the saddest and loneliest time of the year.

Cue the 2019 Choose Occupational Health Digital Advent calendar. Based on our industry knowledge and experience, we’ve curated a collection of daily well-being tips designed to support you through this hectic month. Why not try some out and make your workplace a healthier and happier space this December?!

Sunday 1: Spend some time outdoors, enjoying nature and fresh air. The next few weeks will be undoubtedly hectic. Enjoy the open space, appreciate the silence and simply breathe.

Monday 2: Plan your workload for December and talk to your manager if you have any worries.

Tuesday 3: Set realistic targets for everything you need to do at work and home.

Wednesday 4: Tidy and clean your workspace – it will help you stay more focused and in control.

Thursday 5: Wrap up warm and enjoy a brisk walk at lunchtime either with colleagues or by yourself.

Friday 6: Eat healthily in the daytime to balance out the inevitable party time treats.

Sat 7 / Sun 8: Try crafting and make something with your hands – homemade gifts have that personal touch.

Monday 9: Have an early night and catch up on some sleep.

Tuesday 10: Be considerate of other people’s beliefs or personal circumstances. Not everyone likes or celebrates Xmas.

Wednesday 11: Sing out LOUD! (maybe not in the finance meeting…)

Thursday 12: Hand deliver Christmas cards on your lunch break. You’ll get exercise and make a connection.

Friday 13: Breathe. (We like this one. It’s so important and often overlooked). Take a healthy pause whenever you need to.

Sat 14 / Sun 15: Volunteer at a local charity that you care about or help out with a good cause.

Monday 16: Check back on your schedule and make sure targets are realistic. Adjust if necessary.

Tuesday 17: Connect with people around you. Keep your phone in the drawer or in your bag at breaktimes and make conversation over the water-cooler…

… which leads nicely in to the next one.

Wednesday 19: Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water.

Thursday 19: Look out for colleagues that may be struggling either with workload or personal issues. Offer a helping hand or listening ear.

Friday 20: Drink sensibly. It’s easy to over-indulge but your mind, body (and wallet) won’t thank you in the morning.

Sat 21 / Sun 22: Call in on an elderly neighbour and see if they need help with shopping or other household tasks. Failing that, a simple chat might be just the ticket.

Monday 23: Finish off last minute tasks and draft up that out of office message.

Tuesday 24: Take a deep breath… and RELAX. Get ready to enjoy time off with loved ones.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the team at Choose Occupational Health.

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