Beki completes One Million Step Challenge

Following the success of RED January, during the summer I decided to look around for a new challenge to try and keep myself fit and active, whilst also helping a worthwhile cause. I saw the One Million Step Challenge advertised by Diabetes UK and thought this would be perfect for me. Due to my office job, some days go by when I barely do 4000 steps. The One Million Step Challenge took place from 1st July to 30th September, and meant that my target would be to do 10,870 steps a day for 90 days… a big difference!

So.. 3 months is actually a looong time! Over the challenge, there were highs and lows. My proudest moment would probably be managing to hit 100,063 steps in one week, quickly followed by the lowest with me only managing 37,714 the week after! Luckily my family and friends were always on hand to remind me to go for a walk (or a run!). I was extremely happy to finish the challenge with my mother by my side on 30th September, even if it was pouring with rain…

By 7.30pm on 30th September, I had not only managed to complete the one million steps, but also hit my fundraising target. Since finishing the challenge, I have managed to double my donations and have now raised over £100 for Diabetes UK!

I hope that by doing this challenge, I have raised awareness and funds for the charity as well as helping maintain my physical and mental fitness. I would definitely recommend the challenge to anyone looking to step up their steps!

After a hugely successful event, the One Million Step Challenge has finished for this year. Over 17,000 people registered to take part and have raised, so far, over £650,000 to support people living with diabetes. To register your interest for next year, visit their website.

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