Choose vaccinations for work

Under the Health & Safety at Work, etc. Act (HASAWA) 1974 it is the employer’s legal responsibility to assess the potential risk of exposure to these diseases and meet the necessary health and safety guidelines as some of these diseases can have very serious consequences.

People working in certain occupationsmay be exposed to an increased risk of vaccine preventable disease, examples are:

  • healthcare
  • laboratories
  • dental / medical surgeries
  • emergency and essential services
  • plumbing
  • sewage or
  • jobs involving children, animals or
  • specific communities.

Workers in these types of jobs are vulnerable to a whole range of different diseases and they can transmit these diseases to vulnerable populations if not immunised.

If you are unsure about whether vaccination is appropriate, our nurses can discuss your risk assessments, provide advice about particular infections, potential transmission / infection routes.  For more information or to book an initial consultation please contact us