Choose wellness

What people understand by the term ‘health and wellbeing’ is constantly changing and evolving, this may be because of improvements in health technologies and treatments which means that people are living longer with diseases, as well as an increasing interest and willingness to explore alternative treatment options; such as mindfulness, reiki, acupuncture or yoga.

This change has moved people more towards living well with ill health and disease rather than working towards an absence of ill health and disease.

A document produced by the Department of Health  ‘Our Health and Wellbeing Today’ (Nov 2010), as part of the development of the Public Health White Paper, Healthy Lives, Healthy People, describes the different stages of a persons life and the challenges and focus for health and helps to set the scene for health & wellbeing today.

At Choose Occupational Health we are passionate about making a positive contribution to the working population of Cumbria so that people are Living and working well.  

Lifestyle choices in adulthood can have profound impacts on an individual’s longer term health and wellbeing and we will be expanding on the services we offer to individuals to allow people to explore what wellbeing means to them and helping them to achieve this.